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Who is Starr Tutoring?

Starr Tutoring is a small group of tutors who strive to be the best maths and English tutors there are.

We use a range of resources and believe praise and encouragement is a strong influence on a child or an adult’s ability to learn.

Our mission statement is that:

“we will help you grow in confidence as well as knowledge”

How do Starr Tutoring believe you learn?

If you do something once, you create one fairly weak memory and that would be the only place your brain could go to, to retrieve that information.

By doing something twice it reinforces that memory but it would still be tucked away in the same part of our brain.

By using a greater variety of techniques, you are creating more places in your memory that these facts can be stored. This makes it easier to recall the information when you need it.

Learning is also about a willingness to have a go. If you lack confidence in something, you will no doubt back away from doing it.

The privacy and familiarity of your own home goes towards giving you the safety net needed to facing your fears.

Furthermore, knowing that there is someone there to assist you and guide you helps offer you the confidence that you need.

The more you have a go at something, the better you will become. As you get better at the subject you will be more willing to have a go at it.

A positive spiral of success and confidence is created.

How are we qualified to help you?

Starr Tutoring was founded by Dawn Strachan in 2012:

“Throughout my working life I had worked in a whole range of childcare settings and had completed many related qualifications; including a degree in Childcare and Education through the Open University. With a history of dyslexia in the family I had also carried out a lot of extra research into this. I read books, attended courses and took advice from every available resource that I could find.”

Through drawing on all my experience as a schoolchild myself, a parent, my jobs and the training I had undertaken over the years, I created the following list we had to achieve:

  1. Capture interest.
  2. Boost confidence.
  3. To work with strengths as well as their weaknesses.
  4. Make the sessions enjoyable so the learner would relax more. (The more we relax, the more susceptible we are to learning).
  5. We have to offer variety. Worksheets don’t work for everyone.
  6. Incorporate a range of learning styles.
  7. Provide value for money.

Techniques are based around building both knowledge, confidence and having fun whilst we learn.

We are now a small team of tutors who share the same values. Together we strive to be the best tutors around.

We each have an up to date (CRB) DBS check and fantastic subject knowledge. But that’s what every tutor offers so in addition:

  • Before meeting you for the first time we will send you a postcard confirming the time and date that we will be meeting you. It will also display a photo of the tutor you can expect to see knocking on your door.
  • Every lesson is tailor made.
  • We always offer praise when an achievement is met
  • Our main objective is to make the lessons fun and engaging
  • All new students will receive a complimentary stationery pack, this provides everything you need and more for every lesson. Not only does this mean there is no additional outlay on top of the lesson price, it’s always nice to receive a gift.

What does Starr Tutoring offer you?

By drawing on all my experience from being; a schoolchild myself, a parent, my jobs and the training I had undertaken over the years, I created the following list of techniques that:

  1. Capture interest.
  2. Boost confidence.
  3. Work with the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the learner.
  4. The sessions needed to be enjoyable. (When relaxed, you are more likely to learn).
  5. Offer variety. I knew from my oldest daughter, worksheets don’t work for everyone.
  6. Incorporate a range of learning styles.
  7. Give value for money.

How can we help you?

One to one tutoring is no longer the only thing we offer.

In 2015 we had a book published to help parents support their children with reading and spelling difficulties.

We have an e-book offering parents guidance on helping children learn their times tables.

We also offer correspondence courses to adults who want to:

You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter and a weekly email newsletter where we offer you more hints and tips in maths and English.

You can also attend one of our workshops, the focus once again will be improving confidence and knowledge in maths and English.

We are always looking to improve and welcome any feedback from those we meet.

If you want a chat or more information, please do give me a call  on 01296 910208

Call us on 01296 910208

Or email me at

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