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How to write a persuasive article

How to write a persuasive article       Some people can persuade you of almost anything; maybe it’s their confidence or the language they use. Others seem less convincing when they have to put their argument down on paper. This post will offer you some of the techniques you can use to make your [...]

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What do tutors charge?

  When asking what tutors charge there are many variables. Prices in this (geographical area seem to start as low as £10 to £20 for between 45 minutes and an hour. For this price you would expect to receive: an online lesson, a group lesson or a student of either A’ level or University standard. [...]

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Support with handwriting skills

You may look at the handwriting of many people and struggle to read what it says. I know mine is far from perfect but that I blame on when I used to work in the Ambulance Control room when I first left college. At the time computers were still fairly new so it was quicker [...]

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My favourite 6 tips to help with spellings

  For many reasons numerous children and adults’ struggle with spellings. When we struggle with something spending time doing it doesn’t appeal, that is one of the reasons we use a lot of games in our lessons. If we are enjoying ourselves we are generally more willing to participate. Playing games also puts us into [...]

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How to solve 1 step equations

    Sometimes in life you need the help of someone who has the patience of a saint. For learning how to solve equations I relied on that very person; my dad. We had studied this at school and it just never made sense. My dad explained it to me using the following technique and [...]

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Recognising and becoming confident with adjectives

Adjectives are quite simply words that describe the noun. In the sentence: The fat cat, fat would be adjective / descriptive word. I would suggest the easiest way to recognise them is to become confident in using them. The more familiar you are with them, the easier they will be to spot. Below I have highlighted [...]

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