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The children often have the best ideas – learning the times tables

This idea was suggested by Harry. My video doesn't do it justice, but many children enjoy colouring so by incorporating a colouring task into learning is often very effective. Start by drawing a grid which is 11 squares by 11 squares. Number the left hand column 1 to 10 (starting at the bottom [...]

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12 reasons why you should become a tutor

Everyone goes to work for a reason. For most of us it’s to earn the money to pay the bills, for others it’s nothing more than to get out the house, meet people and pass the time of day. Yes, tutoring offers both of these benefits but it also offers more. I’ve put together my [...]

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5 Reasons why you should make a word search with your child

We all enjoy completing the occasional word search, but have you ever considered making one for your child to solve. Even better have you ever asked your child to make one for you to solve? Here are 5 reasons why you should. How often do you hear a parent complaining about their child’s handwriting? When [...]

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How to help your child’s confidence as they return to school

Many children are returning to school this week after the long summer break. Some will be chomping at the bit to get back; others will be living in fear as the day approaches. As a parent you may be asking what you can do to help them. This fear often stems from a low self-esteem [...]

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Summer activities for children

Help Your Kids Stay Ahead of The Summer Slide With These Great Tips Summer breaks — kids wait for it all year long to have fun swimming, video gaming, and cooling off with their favorite ice cream flavors. This is the season when they tend to have the tiniest regard for their academics, which in [...]

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5 Reasons to consider hiring a tutor for your child

Private tutoring is as old as education itself. After all, any student of history or philosophy knows that Socrates tutored Plato, who in turn tutored Aristotle. They all turned out to be quite successful in their endeavours! In the same vein, private tuition is something that can hugely benefit your child. That one-on-one attention from a [...]

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5 Key Benefits of Reading for Children and Adults

5 Key Benefits of Reading for Children and Adults When was the last time you read a book to your kids or for yourself? Is the daily reading habit at home centered around only Facebook updates, tweets, or the directions on how to make an online order? In 2015, The Telegraph reported a sharp decline [...]

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Starr Tutoring is Tutoring for Charity this Summer

Starr Tutoring is proud to offer a variety of tutoring lessons for anyone between year one and the end of GCSE regardless of age, this summer. If your kids are looking to improve their math and English skills, or the 11+,  then be sure to register for this event. Come on over to The Hub [...]

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Understanding Negative Numbers

In a previous article, we introduced the Number Line and showed you how to use it to solve time related questions. Now lets see how it can help us work out negative numbers. The addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of negative numbers is one of those aspects in maths that often requires tons of practice [...]

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