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Is your child struggling to learn their times tables?

If so I hope this short course will help.

In this series of videos I will walk you through how to make some of the games we use at Starr Tutoring to help learn the times tables.

Who are these games aimed at?

The games can be played by any child (or adult) who is struggling to learn their times tables. I have played these games with children as young as 6 and as old as GCSE (16 year olds and adults) so

age shouldn’t be a factor just a willingness to learn by enjoying yourself!

I have used these games/techniques when working with children who have special learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and behavioural difficulties.

What do you need to invest to sign up for this course?

Nothing, it’s FREE!

Make learning the times tables fun

Why is it so important to be good at our times tables?

The government has suggested that every child should have a strong knowledge of their times tables by the time they leave primary school at 11 years old.


Because the times tables will help us with so many other aspects of maths including; sequencing, division, algebra, long multiplication and even fractions and percentages that children will go on and study through out their school years.

It also helps to save so much time in exams if you are able to recall the information quickly and fluently rather than having to work through each individual table in order.

It could be argued that most of us have a calculator with us most of the time these days on our phones or other devises…

But taking the time to work out very simple calculations on a calculator is never going to be as efficient (and could sometimes be embarrassing) as being able to instinctively work it out in our heads.

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