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Testimonial for Starr Tutoring

A lot of children lack confidence in maths. They feel they are lousy at it and in turn lack the confidence to have a go. Initially it affects their school life and then as they go through life that feeling of insecurity lingers and possibly grows.

Many people have more ability than they are aware and just need a confidence boost.

Others struggle for specific reasons such as dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD, autism, dyslexia.

Whatever the problem is, whatever the reason is, we will promise to do our very best to help.


We work with children from KS1 through to the end of GCSEs to reach their full potential, whatever that may be.

We work on building knowledge, whether that is with fractions, surds, algebra, graphs, angles, adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying, telling the time, or reading time tables…

We will also work on building confidence and a willingness to have a go.

Confidence is often the key to success!

We always travel to the tutee as this way it saves you the inconvenience of having to go out and it also means the child can work in an environment in which they are comfortable and relaxed.

When you are relaxed you are much more likely to learn.

We also use a range of resources rather than a reliance on worksheets as we understand that everyone learns differently. Because of this we also tailor make each lesson to meet the needs of each individual child.

Finally we provide everything that will be needed in the lessons so there are no extra (hidden) costs to you.


For an hour’s one to one lesson it’s just £30 for KS 1 and 2

Key stage 3 and 4 lessons are just £35 for an hour


We also have a Facebook group where you can ask for support with the maths. “Supporting your child with their maths and English” is for children up to KS3. “Support with your Maths and English” is for those children at the end of KS3 or doing their GCSE’s now.

We also offer a range of on-line courses which support adults looking to improve their maths or parents who want extra support on helping their child at home


Any questions or if we can help, do get in touch by calling 01296 381665 or email us at


We’re proud of the feedback we receive; some of our testimonials are available to see on our testimonials page.

I look forward to speaking to you soon

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