The 1 Million Times Tables Challenge

Starr Tutoring - The One Million Times Table Challenge

What is the 1 Million Times Table Challenge?

Helping 1 million children find confidence with their times tables

The 1 Million Times Challenge is a goal I have set myself to help 1 million children become more confident with their times tables.

The challenge provides a range of videos talking you through how to make the games I use at Starr Tutoring to support the times tables. The games are fairly easy to make (the templates are provided within the challenge and just need printing out) and amazing fun to play.

I have played the games with children as young as 5 right through to the end of the GCSE’s at 16. I have also played them with adults who are returning to education.

Learning through play has many benefits including creating a range of memories for the child to retrieve the learned information from when needed.

Another great benefit is that when playing a child is relaxed. When a child relaxes they are in a better mind set to absorb the new information.

I go into this in greater depth in the e-book which accompanies the “1 Million Times Table Challenge”

Want to try it first?

You can download an extract of the 1 Milltion Times Table Challenge e-book before you commit to buying to make sure this is the right thing for your child

How much does it cost?

just £12

I want to keep the price low so that it is attainable to as many people as possible.

One last question, what’s the point of this?

In our life time we all hope to be remembered for something.

I recently watched a video and it highlighted how some people will be able to (metaphorically) carry the people they helped in life in a teaspoon. Others will need a cup. Others will need a bucket. The video ended by asking: What will you need to carry the people you supported.

I, tongue in cheek suggested a swimming pool. It was late and I couldn’t sleep, so in a way that only a sleep deprived brain can think, I started brain storming what I could do to achieve that and what sort of number of people would I need a swimming pool to carry.

That was how the inspiration of the 1 million times table challenge was born.

To help me to reach my goal, each time one person downloads the course, another person will receive access to it for free. That person might be on a low income, have special needs, a young carer, in foster care, etc.

If you think you might be eligible drop me an email and let me know.

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Watch the video below to find out more about the challenge