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One to one tutoring in the home

 Testimonial for Starr Tutoring

This is where we started and how we have built such a fantastic reputation.


One to one tutoring in your home has so much to offer!


  • Every lesson can be tailor made to meet the needs of the individual regardless of age, learning style or focus.


  • A far larger range of activities can be incorporated in order to capture interest and make the learning relevant;

    worksheets don’t work for everyone.

  • Individualised one to one lessons also give more freedom to adapt to the individuals’ learning style so we can focus on both your strengths and weaknesses.


  • With the lessons set in the comfort of your own home you will have the confidence to ask those questions which you may not feel able to ask in a formal environment.


  • You will also find that being in your own home will help you to relax, the more relaxed you are the more information you will retain as you are better able to focus.


  • Everything needed for the lessons will be provided so there is no additional cost to you. You will always receive great value for money.


Regardless of the training style you choose we will boost both your confidence and your knowledge in the subject and make the lessons as enjoyable as possible.


You’re not tied into a contract and if you’re not happy after the first 2 lessons, you will get those lessons absolutely free with no commitment to continue.


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